Junior Researchers Group "Science and the Internet"

The International Conference on Science and the Internet took place from 1 August 2012 till 3 August 2012 at Mickeln Castle in Düsseldorf. 

Most of the papers presented are available in full text subject to Open Access licenses, in addition the keynote speeches are archived as streaming video. 

Using the Internet is a fundamental requirement for a modern understanding of science as well as an indispensable part of life at any university.

The interdisciplinary research group on "Science and the Internet" will approximate the complex issues of that field in six separate sub-projects. This approach is meant to open a broad view on the topic from different perspectives.  a common focus as  well as empirical triangulation will ensure  coherence. Wherever possible collection and analysis of data will be done by multiple members of the group.  The project will run for 24 months.


The Resarcher Group is promoted by the Strategic Research Fund at Heinrich-Heine University .